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Power Electronics 2 : H5CPE2

Dr Christian Klumpner

Below you will find useful information for the PE2 module, previously taught by Professor Jon Clare,  which I am teaching now (starting with the autumn of 2004). By the end of the course (2004), I intend to finalize the process begun by Prof. Clare of transferring gradually into an electronic format most of his hand notes. Additionally, I encourage the students to install one of the simulation packages recommended below and to run the examples provided on this webpage, which have been tested with the demo version of the simulation software. Currently, only PSIM simulation models are available but later I hope to be able to provide also PSPICE models.
Module Description 2004
 NEW Course Materials (Autumn 2004) in Chronological Order (click on the underlined item)

Review of 3-phase supply, R, L, C behavior, why is needed sinusoidal voltage, why is used 3-phase power grid  -     PSIM model for 3-phase voltage systems&loads   -    Screen shot for 3-ph voltage systems&load

3-ph Diode Rectifier - Ideal model, Measures of Power Quality, 3-ph Diode rectifier considering inductive power grid    -     PSIM model for distorted waveform   -   Screen-shot distorted waveform

Thyristor basics   -     3rd Course   -    6-pulse fully controlled rectifier (no pictures)   -   6-pulse fully controlled rectifier (with pictures)    -   Notching   -    Inverting and notching example plot   -      Controlled bridge and cycloconverter   -    PSIM model of fully ctrl bridge   -     PSIM model of half controlled bridge   -     PSIM model of 3-ph AC phase controlled chopper (Softstarter)   -     Screen-shot Motor start Direct-on-LINE   -     Screen-shot Motor start ramp-up voltage   -     PSIM model of 3-ph/1ph cycloconverter

Smoothing (no pictures)  -    Smoothing (with pictures)   -     Inductive smoothing&continuous current    -   Inductive smoothing&discontinuous current  -   Capacitive smoothing&discontinuous current   -    Capacitive smoothing analysis   -   Inductive smoothing example   -   Capacitive  smoothing example   -   PSIM model of capacitive smoothing   -   Screen-shot capacitive smoothing  -   PSIM model of L-C smoothing   -   Screen-shot LC discontinuous   -   Screen-shot LC continuous

Multi-pulse Rectifier (no pictures)    -   Multi-pulse Rectifier (with pictures)    -     PSIM model of 12-pulse rectifier  -   Simulation screen-shot    -      PSIM model of Quasi 12-pulse rectifier   -      PSIM model of Quasi 18-pulse rectifier  -   Simulation screen-shot

Slides (no pictures)   -     Slides (with pictures)  -    Plot   -    Analysis  -   PSIM model of resonant buck converter   -   Simulation screen-shot

Slides (no pictures)   -     Slides (with pictures)   -    PWM basics   -    Triangular PWM  -    DC/AC harmonics relationship  -  Wave&spectrum for square wave/2-level PWM/3-level PWM  -     PSIM model for PWM modulation (H-bridge)   -   Simulation screen-shot (3-phase PWM bridge)

Slides    -     waveform for AC/DC power flow        waveform for DC/AC power flow    -     Example Sheet 3   -    Solutions (Ex. Sheet 3)    -    PSIM model for PWM rectifier (H-bridge without DC voltage control)   -   Simulation screen-shot    -    PSIM model for PWM rectifier (half bridge with DC voltage control)   -   Simulation screen-shot

Slides    -     PSIM model for Multilevel Inverter with cascaded H-bridges    -     Simulation screen-shot (cascaded)   -     PSIM model for 4-level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter    -     Simulation screen-shot (Diode Clamped)   -     PSIM model for 4-level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter    -     Simulation screen-shot (Flying Cap)  -   Simulation screen-shot FFT output voltages

Download PSIM demo software here. In case you have problems using it, read the PSIM-User's Manual

NEW Example Sheets (Word) and Solutions (PDF)
Past examination papers (Word) and solutions (PDF)
3-phase Waveform Template - not as good as original, but usable
Handouts (Powerpoint) from Professor Jon Clare (blank space for figures)
Handouts (Word) from Professor Jon Clare
Waveform handouts (PDF) from Professor Jon Clare
Simulation Models developed for the demo version of PSIM
Simulation DEMO software packages 
Links to useful web resources accessible for  free (Short courses, Design notes, etc.)


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